When You Sell Your Stuff For Cash, Meet At The Bank

Police stations are a popular spot for exchanging used goods for cash in our eBay- and Gumtree-filled lives. But Reddit user daimyo21 offers another good spot for cash to exchange hands: The bank.

If selling a high priced item in person and accepting cash, do it at a bank. It’s safer and the tellers have machines that could verify the cash instantly. Also if the buyer avoids meeting at a bank, [it’s] likely someone shady.

daimyo21 discovered this tactic after feeling uneasy about some $100 notes they had just received during one such transaction. “The teller told me to just do the transaction at the bank,” they wrote.

The bank has a few key considerations:

1. It has people in it who can immediately verify that the cash you received is real cash. Or, you can meet at the seller’s bank where they can withdraw cash in front of you.

2. It has plenty of security cameras.

3. It probably has a security guard standing right there.

4. It is almost certain to be well lit.

The amount of money being exchanged is top of mind in this particular Reddit thread, but the principal remains regardless of whether you’re trading $30 for a computer monitor or $300 for a game console.

If you default to meeting at either a police station (for sheer safety) or a bank (for your monetary reassurance), you’ll find that anyone who’s serious about buying your stuff should react just fine to your invitation.


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