Space Food Sticks Are Back To Feed Your Nostalgia

Space Food Sticks Are Back To Feed Your Nostalgia
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Space Food Sticks have been a part of the Australian vernacular since the 1960s. But sadly, they were pulled from stores when they were discontinued in 2014. Now they’re back for a limited time – at the retro-tastic price of $1!

While they were never the tastiest of lunchbox snacks, Space Food Sticks were a good source of energy and totally un-problematic, which is what you want in a snack. Well, Australians are in luck because we’re approaching the 50th anniversary of Space Food Sticks and they’re being brought for us to relive all that moreish goodness.

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Deliveroo has allegedly partnered up with a “food scientist” to recreate the much-loved snack for our consumption. Using ingredients from the original recipe used in the seventies and eighties, the Space Food Stick will be available for $1 on Deliveroo from Friday 19 July while stocks last.

Space Food Sticks Are Back To Feed Your NostalgiaImage: Supplied

In the meantime, check out some other iconic Australian snacks to brainstorm our next campaign to revive a much-loved food.

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