Should You Avoid Alcohol Once It Starts To Warm Up?

Should You Avoid Alcohol Once It Starts To Warm Up?
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The hotter it gets, the more refreshing a beverage seems – including an ice-cold beer or a glass of frosé. Stuck in these long winter months, you’re probably longing for the days of summer and the chance to kick back – but did you know that if it gets too hot, you shouldn’t drink alcohol at all?

Alcohol dehydrates you, literally. It stops the release of a natural hormone in your body called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). Normally, ADH keeps you from peeing out too much water. That means that when you drink a lot, you’ll pee a lot, losing even more water than you’re taking in.

That’s not a huge deal if you only have one or two drinks and you make sure to keep hydrated, but the more you drink ,the more dehydrated you’ll get, and the less control you’ll have over your own judgment. So as a safety tip, it’s best to avoid alcohol or keep it to a minimum on very hot days. Dehydration can make it easier to get heat illness, which in extreme cases can be life threatening.

While we’re not advocating for excessive alcohol consumption in winter, cherish the days that you have left, no matter how cold they may be. It might be your last chance of the season to enjoy a nice scotch, beer or brandy.

If you’re cooling off in a pool or at the beach in the summer, you have to be extra careful. Not to be a buzzkill, but America’s CDC reports that 70 per cent of drowning deaths related to outdoor recreation involved alcohol. When you’re drunk, you’re more likely to do stupid things, and your balance and coordination are shot.

So if you’re going to drink at the beach this summer, at least be smart about it. Drink plenty of water, don’t have a ton of alcohol, and stick close to people who are sober enough to notice if you’re putting yourself in danger.

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