There’s Never Been A Better Time To Get Into Playstation VR

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Get Into Playstation VR
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When the Sony PlayStation VR launched in 2016, a lot of people thought it was destined for failure. Like the PlayStation EyeToy and PlayStation Move, there was a real danger that the peripheral wouldn’t be supported. Fast forward to the present and the naysayers have been silenced – there are now hundreds of games available for the platform including new, immersive spins on classic IPs. In other words, it’s finally time to make the leap into VR.

There’s currently a very compelling reason to get involved with PSVR – and that’s the price. For a limited time, Amazon Australia is selling a complete PSVR starter kit with five games for $280. That’s almost $200 off the RRP!

For those unfamiliar with the product, the PlayStation VR is a virtual-reality system for use with the PlayStation 4. It transports you into 3D worlds that you can freely move around in, with your head movements replicated in-game. The headset goggles consist of a 5.7-inch OLED screen that provides 360 degree vision at 120 frames per second. It works with all versions of the PlayStation 4 and connects via HDMI.

While the tech isn’t quite as impressive as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, it remains one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to experience virtual reality in your lounge room. The PSVR Mega Bundle currently costs $469.95 on Sony’s website – but it’s down to just $280 over on Amazon.

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The package includes the PlayStation VR headset, the 3D camera and the following five games:

    ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission: “Experience an adventure like no other as you set out with your loveable robotic pal to rescue his friends in this critically-acclaimed game. Move your head to peer around, below and above platforms as you guide Astro Bot to both his friends and a multitude of secret areas. Use your Dualshock 4 as a multi-tool gadget to battle bad guys and titanic bosses in a platformer in which you’re as active a participant as Astro Bot.”

    WipEout Omega Collection: “Rockets soar slower and are less deadly than WipEout’s range of anti-gravity ships. And the iconic futuristic racer has never been this enthralling, letting you roar through chicanes above the clouds and bullseye competitors (even in online matches!) from a unique cockpit view built especially for VR. With multiple comfort settings to make even the most speed-wary player feel the thrill of being faster than the Flash, this is truly the greatest way to experience the future of racing.”

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR: “You’ll swear the air tastes sweeter as you breathe in the gorgeous open world expanse that is the mystery-filled realm of Tamriel. Head-tracking on the PS VR headset lets you freely drink in the sights – or pinpoint attackers – as you wander the quest-rich landscape. Live your best fantasy life and freely decide what role you take and where you go in Bethesda’s action RPG epic.”

    DOOM VFR: “Bethesda’s thrilling sci-fi shooter greatest trick is in making you experience two opposing mindsets. One, fear-induced tension at being surrounding by escalating numbers of horrific demons intent on ripping you limb from limb. Two, complete badassery due to being fully, overly – unfairly – equipped and capable of dealing with it. With PS VR, Doom is more thrilling brutal than ever.”

    PlayStation VR Worlds: “Under one roof is housed five wholly different VR experiences. Within PlayStation VR Worlds you can enjoy a diving adventure in Into The Deep, plunge down steep roads and duck traffic in VR Luge, battle against competitors in sci-fi sport Danger Ball, aliens in Scavengers Odyssey, or take part in a crime thriller with The London Heist.”

This is a surprisingly good starter pack of games with not a single dud in the bunch. If you’re new to VR gaming we recommend firing up VR Worlds first. It provides a great introduction via five short gaming experiences – including a terrifying shark cage dive.

To get the most out of the PSVR, you should also pick up a pair of PlayStation Move controller wands – but these aren’t essential as most games work find with a regular PlayStation controller. On, and if you want some additional games to go with the headset, we recommend Superhot VR, Falcon Age, Firewall Zero Hour, Thumper and Resident Evil 7.

Bear in mind that this is an Amazon Prime Day deal – to get the full discount, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. Fortunately, Amazon is offering a free trial right now so you won’t have to pay anything extra.

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