Netflix Is Deleting 40 Movies And TV Shows In July

Netflix Is Deleting 40 Movies And TV Shows In July
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Netflix Australia’s licensing agreements keep expiring. This means that a swathe of movies and TV shows are being unceremoniously dumped from the service each month. Sadly, July has harvested a bumper crop of deleted content – with 40 titles destined for the chopping block this Sunday.

The good news is that all Netflix Originals are here to stay – this includes popular TV shows like Stranger Things, House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. Rather, the shows that are being deleted are all third-party titles from other networks and studios.

The list below comes courtesy of the New On Netflix website and are based on expiring licence agreements. While some licences do get renewed by Netflix from time to time, it appears the following titles weren’t so lucky.

Included below are the exact dates that these movies and TV shows are slated to disappear – so make sure you watch them before the nominated cut-off. We’ve also included a synopsis for each title.

Our personal recommendations are Goodfellas, The King of Comedy, Contagion and Gremlins – check ’em out while you still can! On the TV front, the biggest loss this week is Entourage (you have until July 14 to binge the full season.)

Movies Leaving Netflix

Meet the Patels – July 11

With his 30th birthday just around the corner, Ravi Patel finds himself in a love triangle — with the woman of his dreams and his parents.

Thunderstruck – July 11

After awkward teenager Bryan mysteriously finds he now has the talent of his basketball idol, Kevin Durant, he becomes his team’s star player.

A Cure For Wellness – July 11

Dispatched to retrieve his company’s CEO from a remote European wellness spa, a naive underling discovers the alpine retreat’s terrifying secrets.

A Year in Champagne – July 14

Follow grape growers, famed vintners, aficionados and experts through the complex wine-making process unique to France’s famous Champagne region.

The Bodyguard – July 14

A former Secret Service agent begrudgingly takes an assignment to protect a pop superstar who is the target of a determined stalker.

City Of Angels – July 14

When a guardian angel, who watches over Los Angeles, becomes captivated by a woman, he ponders trading his otherworldly existence for a mortal life.

Clear And Present Danger – July 14

When the president’s friend is murdered, CIA Deputy Director Jack Ryan becomes unwittingly involved in an illegal war against a Colombian drug cartel.

Contagion – July 14

A team of doctors is tasked with stopping a deadly viral outbreak before it annihilates mankind.

Dangerous Beauty – July 14

Prevented from marrying her nobleman lover, a common woman in 16th-century Venice is left with two choices: join a convent or become a courtesan.

The Dead Pool – July 14

A macabre sports pool is placing bets on which celebrity is going to die next and crossing names off a list as each meets his or her demise.

Dirty Harry – July 14

When a madman dubbed “The Scorpio Killer” terrorizes San Francisco, hard-boiled cop Harry Callahan is tasked with hunting down the psychopath.

Gremlins – July 14

A man brings home a cute creature as a Christmas present for his son that spawns a horrifying army of devilish — and dangerous — little beasts.

Halla Bol – July 14

Aspiring actor Ashfaque works hard to make his dream come true, and his efforts pay off when he rises to become a megastar in this engrossing Bollywood drama from director Rajkumar Santoshi.

International Street Art – July 14

Absorbing images of vibrant street art from New York, Paris, Berlin and Sao Paulo reveal how urban artists elevate the mundane into a thing of beauty.

Invictus – 14 July

After the end of apartheid, newly elected President Nelson Mandela uses the 1995 World Cup rugby matches to unite his people in South Africa.

Jane Got a Gun – 14 July

When her husband is nearly killed, iron-willed frontier woman Jane Hammond recruits her former lover to help battle an army of vengeful outlaws.

Kanyaka Talkies – 14 July

A movie theater that used to screen soft porn is transformed into a church, leading to a clash between the worlds of sexuality and sin.

The King of Comedy – 14 July

Director Martin Scorsese’s black comedy explores the absurd lengths to which nebbish Rupert Pupkin will go to land a spot on a TV talk show.

Magic Mike XXL – 14 July

Three years after retiring, male stripper Mike and the Kings of Tampa hunks are convinced to take one last shot at the title in Myrtle Beach.

Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 – 14 July

A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac reveals a lifetime of sexual experiences to a man who saves her from being beaten in an alley.

Ocean Wonders – 14 July

Relax and be astonished as footage from beneath the world’s oceans brings coral reefs, seahorses, anemones and other undersea marvels to your screen.

Ottakolam – 14 July

The son of a man who cremates and buries corpses wishes to pursue a profession other than the one imposed on him by his caste.

The Painted House – 14 July

A seductive beauty and a mysterious man expose an aging writer’s vulnerabilities and coerce him into shattering his well-kept solitude.

The Pelican Brief – 14 July

When law student Darby Shaw theorizes about the assassinations of two Supreme Court justices, she is put in danger and turns to a reporter for help.

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment – 14 July

Officer Carey Mahoney and his cohorts have finally graduated from the Police Academy and are about to hit the streets on their first assignment.

Police Academy 3: Back in Training – 14 July

When budget cuts threaten to close one of the city’s two police academies, alumni Carey Mahoney and the gang are called back to save their academy.

Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol – 14 July

Eager to do their part, a very green batch of civilian volunteers joins the new Citizens on Patrol program headed by Officer Carey Mahoney.

Run All Night – 14 July

Retired mob enforcer Jimmy must revive his deadly skills when his estranged son runs afoul of Jimmy’s former mob boss, who is also his best friend.

Rudhramadevi – 14 July

Having masqueraded as a boy her whole life, Queen Rudhramadevi faces foes determined to overthrow her reign when her true identity comes to light.

Septembers of Shiraz – 14 July

In post-revolution Tehran, a wealthy Jewish businessman is summarily jailed and tortured, but along with his wife, he fights for answers and freedom.

Shavam – 14 July

Following the sudden death of a young man from a middle-class Christian family, friends and relatives gather to grieve and prepare for the funeral.

The Shining – 14 July

Jack Torrance descends into madness — terrorizing his wife and young son — after living at a deserted and eerie hotel during its off season.

Shutter – 14 July

A young newlywed couple becomes haunted by strange, shadowlike images in the photographs they develop after their involvement in a car accident.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – 14 July

Four best friends buy a mysterious pair of pants that fits each of them despite their differing sizes and makes whoever wears them feel fabulous.

Walt: The Man Behind the Myth – 14 July

Through exclusive footage and interviews with friends and family, this documentary traces the complicated life of legendary animator Walt Disney.

TV Shows Leaving Netflix

  • Cheo-Yong – July 13
  • El Capo – July 13
  • Quiz From God – July 13
  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – July 14
  • Entourage – July 14
  • Ghostheads – July 14
  • Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? – July 14
  • Super Fan Builds – 14 July
  • Project Runway – 21 July
  • Big Dreams, Small Spaces – 22 July
  • Hollywood Darlings – 22 July
  • Monty Don’s French Gardens – 22 July
  • Monty Don’s Italian Gardens – 22 July
  • Buddha Sutra – 24 July
  • The Great Escape – 24 July
  • Ithihas Ki Thali Se – July 24
  • Kissa Currency Ka – 24 July
  • Samagri, Sampatti Aur Sauda – 24 July

On the plus side, plenty of new shows and movies have been picked up by Netflix to help fill the void – here are the highlights for July.

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