Always Keep Small Bills In Your Wallet

There are two situations when it pays to have small bills in your wallet, according to my unscientific research.

The first scenario is when you want a whole handful of cash. What do you need it for? Could be anything! Maybe you’re doing a cash diet.

The second scenario is when you need little bits of cash to avoid awkward situations. Insert your own awkward situation here. You know you have one!

Maybe you’re going to a food truck that doesn’t have a POS terminal. Maybe you need $10 for the parking lot at the supermarket. Or maybe you need to split a $60 bill with a pal but only have fifties.

This is why it pays to keep a wad of $5 and $10 notes – plus some gold coins – in your wallet at all times. Treat them as your ‘awkward situation avoidance fund’ and only use them when it’s absolutely necessary.

After all, nobody wants to be that person who keeps asking if anyone has change for a fifty while splitting a shared bill. Just come prepared!


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