Liven Up Your Lemonade With Sushi Ginger Brine

Liven Up Your Lemonade With Sushi Ginger Brine
Photo: Getty Images

Buying a jar of pickled sushi ginger will change your dang life. It calms my anxiety surrounding take-out sushi, yes, but I also like to add the ginger and its brine to salads, dressings, and drinks like lemonade. (It’s also a fine snack, straight from the jar.)

While there is nothing wrong with lemonade’s classic lemon-sugar-water configuration, adding a small amount of pickled ginger brine truly takes the beverage to a new level.

As we have discussed before, salting beverages provides balance and contrast, particularly to candy-sweet drinks. Ginger brine brings the salt, but it also brings a little tartness, a little funk, and a little ginger (of course), which is one of the best flavours you can find in the ground.

You don’t need a lot — two teaspoons of brine per cup of lemonade should be plenty — but keep in mind that there can be flavour variations in both lemonade and brine (my favourite is the kind that comes with the bright pink ginger). Start with one teaspoon, taste, and add more if needed, until you get complex, slightly sophisticated, not-too-sweet lemonade you can’t stop drinking.

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