I’m Sarah Basford, Lifehacker’s New Staff Writer

I’m Sarah Basford, Lifehacker’s New Staff Writer
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I’m Sarah and I’m the new writer at Lifehacker (as well as Gizmodo and Kotaku.) In my 25 years on the planet, I’ve learnt a thing or two about life hacks so I hope to be able to impart some of the wisdom.

Before starting my role here, I worked in a bunch of writing roles. For two years, I was the Content Producer at Student Edge and I wrote about everything from a pseudo investigative report into who exactly was behind Australia’s fake space agency, ARSE, to ranking my favourite outfits worn by Killing Eve’s fashion icon, Villanelle. Prior to that, I wrote a few things for The BRAG and was the head honcho at my uni’s student magazine.

Mostly, I’m excited to get started on filling up my Lifehacker portfolio with lots of handy tips to up your life game so get ready to have your life… hacked.


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