Never Forget How To Put On A Tie Again With This Trick

It’s the night of the big business function, theatre show or wedding. Instead of relaxing in your suit, you’re frantically searching YouTube for “how to tie a tie” videos.

Yep, we’ve all been there before – which is why we’ve devised a way to memorise the steps without even thinking. Our solution is so simple that even a child can do it. Here’s the proof.

How to properly tie a tie proves to be a challenge well into adulthood. Because so many people have trouble remembering the steps to the process (and need to search for instructions every time they attend a formal function), we came up with a way to memorise how to tie a tie.

The same way many kids learn to tie their shoes with a story, just follow this simple rhyme:

  • Picture in your house a cat and a mouse.

  • As the cat naps, the mouse scurries past.

  • The cat awakes and a chase takes place.

  • The cat jumps, with dinner in sight.

  • Around the chair, not once but twice.

  • As the mouse hides, the cat looks inside.

  • Wiggle as it might, the poor cat is stuck tight.

Just imagine that the wide end of the tie is the cat, and the narrow end is the mouse. The video above explains how each part of the rhyme instructs you what to do, and because it’s so straightforward, we taught a 5-year-old to do it—all by himself!


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