How To Talk To Your Friends And Family About The Climate Crisis

How To Talk To Your Friends And Family About The Climate Crisis
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Climate change is real, it’s happening and everybody knows it. But sometimes it’s hard to bring it up in conversation, because we’re afraid the discussion will have a political aftertaste. Fortunately, chatting with friends and family is a small way you can help the issue, and it doesn’t have to be contentious.

Anyone can be a “climate communicator,” as a recent New York Times article puts it, because people most trust and value what they hear from those close to them. Just by being a person in their life who knows and cares about the climate crisis, you’re shifting how they relate to the issue.

Now, we didn’t say argue. Just talk. You’re not going to win a fight with a conspiracy theorist about whether all the climate scientists are lying. But you could chat with your outdoorsy friend about how the temperature and the tick population have changed in their lifetime.

You could mention to your NASCAR-loving uncle that the famous Pocono Raceway has been totally solar powered for almost a decade and even contributes electricity to the nearby town. And you can talk to anyone, sadly, about the floods, wildfires, and hurricanes that have suddenly become a lot more common.

Basically, all you have to do is not ignore the role of climate in all of our lives. And if you’re afraid of stepping on toes, Yale Climate Connections has a few suggestions for talking about climate at social gatherings. The most important point they make there, in my opinion, is the one that should have been obvious all along:

Actually listen to people. Don’t just spout facts or argue against what you imagine their position to be. Give them an opening, see what they think, and answer questions as they come up. After all, they’re your friend, and you’re just talking.


  • It’s frankly not even worth talking about. If people haven’t got the message now that it’s going to change human civilisation completely and kill millions then they will never come round

    • Climate change is real. But putting CO2 into the atmosphere won’t affect it. You should do a geology or related degree and get back to me in 6 years. OR simply as a geologist rather than listen to the propaganda put out by people who will profit from government spending to ‘combat’ climate change. Hitler was pretty good at propaganda too.

      • Can you explain why I would listen to a geologist who seems to believe in global government conspiracy theories instead of actual climatologists, the vast majority of whom support the science behind anthropogenic climate change? Or should you perhaps go get a doctorate in climate science and get back to us in 8-12 years?

  • Don’t be hostile about it.

    If you have someone that does not accept it discuss it with them politely. The minute you get hostile you only entrench their beliefs.

    • I know the theory. try and convince them by being polite and listening to them but yeah doesn’t work for most people these days as they view it as propaganda as shown by that guest reply I got.

      I actually tried that for years but these days I put them in the same group as anti vaxxers a danger to society and civilisation.

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