How To Get McDonald’s Secret Chilli Burger

How To Get McDonald’s Secret Chilli Burger
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McDonald’s is taking a leaf from KFC’s Secret Menu playboook with the Quarter Pounder Chilli – a fiery take on its classic burger. However, you won’t find it on McDonald’s normal menu and it’s not available in store either. Here’s how to bag one before it disappears.

In a bid to entice the frozen butts of customers during winter, McDonald’s is injecting a little heat into its Quarter Pounder burger. As the name suggests, the Quarter Pounder Chilli comes with the usual ingredients (beef, cheese, pickles, onions on a toasted sesame seed bun), plus a spicy new sauce for added kick.

Because nothing in life is easy, Macca’s is refusing to sell this thing at the counter. Instead, the burger is only available through the UberEATS app. To order the Quarter Pounder Chilli, simply find your local McDonald’s on the UberEATS site. The burger should then appear on the McDelivery menu.

We asked McDonald’s if customers can request the sauce on regular Quarter Pounders when they order in store. (They’ve got the condiment right there in the kitchen, after all.) Unfortunately, the answer appears to be no.

“Macca’s won’t be adding the sauce at the counter for the time being, you will only be able to get it via UberEATS,” a representative said. Tch.

With that said, it can’t hurt to ask – we suspect the average McDonald’s employee will be a lot less stringent when it comes to following corporate partnership agreements. The Quarter Pounder Chilli is available from today for a limited time.

Update: I just tried to order one at my local Macca’s without the app. The cashier claimed he had never heard of it. But had he? HAD he? HAD HE? Short of a gun (for coercion) and polygraph machine, I guess we’ll never know.

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  • I wish Australian fast food stores would have actual HOT sauce on items and not just sauce that is slightly spicy.

    American fast food does it a lot better, When they say hot sauce they mean it.

    • KFC and HJ have spicy sauce you can request. Make sure you ask for it after you have payed so they can’t be bothered to try and charge you for it.
      On drive through you can hit both windows, but again, after you have payed.

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