One Of iPhone’s Best Features Is Finally Coming To Android

One Of iPhone’s Best Features Is Finally Coming To Android

While Google has introduced many great features to its Android devices, it still hasn’t been able to mimic the ease of one of Apple’s best features, AirDrop. All that is about to change with the introduction of Fast Share. Here’s what you need to know.

The closest thing Google has to AirDrop is Android Beam, but earlier this year, the company announced it was scrapping this feature in the upcoming Android Q update.

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But all is not lost – the technicians in the Google factory have finally found their answer to Apple’s AirDrop and it’s called Fast Share.

Fast Share works like its competitor AirDrop by enabling file sharing between nearby Android devices without the need for internet connectivity. Simply turn on Bluetooth and enable location settings and you’ll be able share your favourite shots with friends (or whatever the use case might be).

What’s most interesting perhaps is that, according to 9to5Google’s screenshots, you will be able to share files between Android and Apple devices. This is a feature AirDrop has frustratingly never enabled.

While the standalone app is not yet available on Australia’s Google Play store, expect to see it in the coming months as the Android Q update is rolled out to various smartphones.

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  • Google has always been terrible at naming things. Hangouts? Google Play Music All Access?

    And now Fast Share. Lame and boring. Why not something catchy like Air Share? Come on.

    • Maybe they should’ve called it “dick pic express”, since 98% of Airdrop use seems to be people in public places pushing obscene images onto the phones of people who’ve forgotten to turn off Airdrop.

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