How To Change The Size Of Your App Icons In iPadOS 13

One of the more jarring experiences you’ll encounter when updating your iPad to Apple’s iPadOS 13 this spring, including having to call it that from now on, are the slightly smaller icons now gracing your iPad’s Home screen and pages.

Like a juice cleanse, this icon diet is only a temporary fad. It appears Apple is going to let you revert back to the beefier icons you’ve been using all this time if you prefer your apps to look like a delicious thicc steak than a lean patty. At least, that’s my impression based on the latest iPadOS 13 beta — version 5! — which now comes with a little setting for adjusting the size of your app icons.

Make your app icons big or small

If you’re currently running the iPadOS 13 beta, or you know smaller icons are going to drive you crazy and you’ll want to change this as soon as iPadOS 13 drops in (probably) September, here’s how to fatten up your icons.

First, pull up the Settings app. You’ll then want to tap on Display & Brightness. Toward the bottom of this section, look for the new option for “App Icon Size.” You can’t miss it, as you’ll see a little graphic that shows you how many icons will fit on a page in “More” and “Bigger” modes:

That’s it! I haven’t reinstalled iPadOS 13 lately, but it makes sense that Apple would also ask you this preference as part of your device’s initial setup process. If not, now you know where to find it.


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