Here’s What Happens When You Open A Hot Radiator Cap

Here’s What Happens When You Open A Hot Radiator Cap
Screenshot: <a href="">Matthiew Elliot</a>

You should never, ever open a car’s radiator cap when it’s boiling hot. If you thought this was painfully obvious, well, you would be extremely right, as one guy quickly found out with a BMW E36.

The gif above shows the action but you really want to get this with the sound. Facebook won’t let the video embed, so please click the link here to watch it in full.

Observe the youthful laughter as this bro sets himself up for immediate and painful disappointment, unscrewing a clearly steaming hot rad cap with just a little towel to cover his hand. Not enough, bud!

The video (currently at 1.7 million lesson-learning views) uploaded by Matthew Elliot in the UK, got an update as well from Mr. Elliot:

And this kids is why you don’t open a radiator cap when it’s boiling hot???????? lesson learnt Jamie Palfreman? Jack Horton ????UPDATE; the boys now out of hospital and got his bandage ????????

Gizmodo has reached out to Mr. Elliot for comment and will update if we hear back.

Remember: If you are laughing your way into something that seems inadvisable that you know is inadvisable, it’s probably inadvisable and you shouldn’t do it.

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  • Here’s What Happens When You Open A Hot Radiator CapNo, here’s what happens when a fool opens a hot radiator cap. You can actually do this relatively safely using this method if you keep pressure on the cap and let the steam release slowly. I used to do this all the time back in the day.

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