Help Your Kid Move Out With A ‘Boot Party’

So your kid is moving out, and you want to give them one last hurrah before they enter the great land of share houses and figuring out how the hell to be an adult. What to do? Throw them a boot party.

What’s a boot party, or a “trunk party” in American? I found out from this tweet from ari b.

Perfect, right? How to do it: Have your kid clean their car (or whatever car will be used for the trek to their new abode) and invite some friends over to fill it with necessities for their new place. You can have them create a registry so they don’t end up with 12 shower caddies.

Then on boot party day, serve some food, crank up some tunes (if they’re headed to university, I’d suggest this “Going Off to College” playlist on Spotify — you know The Verve Pipe’s “The Freshman” is on it) and have your guests give some advice to your kid (you can ask them to write little notes in a scrapbook).

Of course, the “boot” can also be symbolic. You can host the event without a vehicle, if you’d like.

At the end of the party, stand back as you watch your kid be as ready as ever for this new chapter of their life. They may be moving away, but not without a hundred weepy hugs and maybe a brand new laundry bag.


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