The Cheapest Ways To Get American Netflix In Australia

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VPN software is becoming one of those essential tools that many of us need in order to ensure our internet connections are as safe as we want them to be. They’re also great for accessing extra content on Netflix.

VPN sales are a bit like those rug sales you see – there’s always one on and paying ‘full price’ should never be on your radar. You’ll probably want one with US server availability too, so you can access American streaming services like HBO, Hulu and Netflix.

There are hundreds of VPN solutions out there and there are always deals available. As the subscription to my current VPN solution is coming to an end, I’ve been shopping around. Here’s what I found.


Price: $1.99/m

PureVPN benefits from having an easy-to-use desktop client, Firefox and Chrome integration, super-competitive pricing and blazing fast speeds. It’s constantly ranked as one of the speediest VPNs available and if you’re a heavy downloader, this will be the VPN you’re after because download speeds don’t take a hit at all – in fact, they often improve. It also has a seven day money back guarantee.

Get it here.

NordVPN – 75% Off

Price: $US2.99 per month for three years

I’ve been using NordVPN for a couple of years and it’s pretty good. The Windows, macOS and iOS apps work well, allowing you to secure your connection and obfuscate your location.

Get it here.

Express VPN – 35% off

Price: $8.32 per month for 12 months

With support for all the major operating systems, Express VPN has a solid reputation and is currently 35% off. It’s well regarded and offers over 160 connection sites across the world.

Get it here.

Surfshark – 83% off

Price: from $1.99 per month for 12 months

If you hurry (and all the sites I’ve checked out recently seems to have countdown timers to encourage a purchase) you can save 83% on this VPN software. It boasts a very straightforward user interface and solid performance. Definitely worth a look.

Get it here.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.gif” title=”Is It Legal To Access American Netflix In Australia With A VPN?” excerpt=”Virtual private networks (VPNs) have many legitimate purposes. They’re also used to cheekily circumvent geo-blocks on overseas sites like US Netflix – often against the express wishes of rights holders. Like most online technologies, government legislation is currently a bit vague on what is and isn’t allowed. So is it legal to stream restricted content through a VPN? Let’s find out.”]


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