Amazon Prime Day In Australia: All Your Questions Answered

Amazon Prime Day In Australia: All Your Questions Answered
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Have you found yourself with a fat wad of digital cash at the end of the financial year and so many sales running, you’re paralysed with choice?

The solution? Amazon Prime Day.

Essentially, it’s a marathon of more sales and deals than you could ever possibly get your hands on and Australians are allowed in on it too. Last year was Australia’s first, official Prime Day after Amazon’s Prime service was launched in the country. But, for baby Amazon-ers, all the terms and deals can get a big confusing so here’s everything you need to know so you’re fully prepared for Australia’s official second Christmas.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

In case it wasn’t already made clear, Prime Day is A. Huge. Effing. Sale. But, it’s also more than that. It’s a cultural phenomenon, a second Christmas (especially for Amazon), a really bloody good sale.

It’s the perfect time to grab a bargain on that household product you’ve been eyeing for weeks or just spoil yourself because you damn well deserve it.

When is Prime Day?

Prime Day is usually a multi-day event so expect it to last longer than 24 hours. This year Amazon Prime Day in Australia will start from Monday 15 July at 00:01 AEST and run for 48 hours until Tuesday 16 July. On top of that, however, there’ll be an extra 17 hours of sales “straight from the United States” so you can catch sales from our mates across the Pacific Ocean.

How do I get Prime?

Before you nab any great deals, you’ll need to get yourself a Prime account. It’s free to trial for the first 30 days but it’ll cost you $6.99 per month after the trial’s up. A Prime subscription includes free fast delivery on any items purchased through Amazon, access to Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Reading.

If you’re not planning on using Prime after the sale’s done and dusted, just remember to cancel your subscription ASAP after you’ve milked your free trial for all it’s worth.

Are any deals available now?

Actually, yes. The Amazon store’s already got a number of Amazon products on sale like 40 per cent off selected books and free expedited shipping from Amazon US.

If that’s not enough for you, some deals have already leaked you’ll need to keep your eyes glued to.

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