A Fave 90s Paddle Pop Flavour Is Back

A Fave 90s Paddle Pop Flavour Is Back
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The Choc Caramel-flavoured Paddle Pop has been caught in the Australian wild for the since time since it was discontinued decades ago in 1990.

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Streets is bringing back the retro flavour for a limited time only so you can enjoy the double-flavoured Paddle Pop while reliving your childhood memories from the one year it was in circulation.

First spotted in Aussie hands way back in 1989, it was a popular treat for those growing up (and had already done most of their growing) in nineties. Sadly, the good times lasted just one year and it was supplanted by the iconic rainbow and chocolate flavours, leaving the Choc Caramel to fade into the abyss that is discontinued ice cream flavours. If you’ve forgotten what it actually tasted like (fair enough), it consisted of a caramel-flavoured exterior with a chocolate interior like all the best things in life.

In the most shocking news of today, I’ve just been informed the rainbow Paddle Pop is actually just the caramel flavour with a colourful coating.

The Caramel Choc is available in Coles stores for a limited time only.

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