Use This App To Find The Perfect Instagram Shot When You’re Travelling In The U.S.

Use This App To Find The Perfect Instagram Shot When You’re Travelling In The U.S.
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In San Francisco, it started with The Museum of Ice Cream, a ‘museum’ downtown where for around $55 dollars you can snap selfies of yourself next to a unicorn or submerged in sprinkles in the building’s ‘sprinkle pool’.

That begat some other similar Instagram-style establishments, including Candytopia where, you guessed it, you can snap shots in front of massive candy exhibits. Candytopia had a pool you could jump in as well. It was filled with (thankfully plastic) marshmallows.

My selfie game is so bad I was not able to take a good picture even in a pool of fake marshmallows. If yours is better, then you might go looking for those Instagram-worthy spots when you travel around America. Depalo is an app that can help. CNN covered its launch earlier this week.

The creation of lifestyle blogger Rebecca Aneloski, the iPhone app suggests spots within the U.S. that are near you, and might be great for the gram. Think scenic street corners, colourful murals, and the perfect cafe.

The app is broken down by city and suggests some of the most scenic spots in town, tells you how to get there, and then offers tips on how to snap the perfect shot when you arrive. If you discover your own tips while you’re there you can share those within the app as well.

ImageImage: Depalo

It’s currently live in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and Sedona, Arizona – so if you’re planning a trip, it could be the icing on your cake.

The idea is that the app works as a location scout of sorts for Instagram enthusiasts, helping you find the hot spots in places you might not be familiar with.

If you’re new to an area and looking to snap that perfect selfie, it could be exactly what you need to find the ideal backdrop. And if you’re on a hunt to avoid Instagrammers on your next trip, it could be just what you need to figure out where not to go.

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