Seven Burritos You Need To Eat Before You Die [Infographic]

Image: iStock

As we've opined in the past, burritos are the perfect fast food. They're even better than pizza (case in point: you can't wrap a pizza in foil and stick it in your jacket pocket.) This infographic from Fairmont Hotels breaks down everything you need to know about seven popular burrito styles - from their storied history to the ingredients you need to make your own.

A traditional bean and meat filled burrito is pretty hard to top - but that hasn't stopped chefs and food stall vendors from giving it a red hot go. The following infographic looks at seven established varieties that any self-respecting burrito fan needs to try: from the French fry-laden "Californian" to the appallingly over-sized "Mission".

Along with a full list of ingredients, the graphic also contains intriguing facts about each style, including what makes it unique and its origins. Read it, then make some burritos. You know you want to.


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