Rescue A Fallen AirPod With A Juul Charger And Floss

Apple, the world’s biggest seller of expensive, droppable objects, reached their peak with AirPods: $US169 ($244) a pair, cordless, and intended for pulling in and out of your ears five times a day. You will eventually drop one into a tight space, behind furniture or even into a footpath grate. And that is when you’ll need a friend who vapes.

Artist Anna Madison dropped one of her AirPods down a grate, but she rescued it the next day, using a Juul charger tied to a piece of floss. The magnet in the charger will attract the earbud.

You could use any magnet on a string. What’s convenient about the Juul charger is that it also has holes, on the USB plug end. Loop some floss through those holes, tie it up, and go fishing for your AirPods.

In a private tweet that she let us share here, she included a full shot of her fishing kit:

This is the second practical use of vaping paraphernalia that Lifehacker has seen. You can also open a specific kind of motion-detecting door from the other side using vape smoke. But the fishing trick really raises the bar for vape hacks.


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