Men’s Health Week Is The Perfect Time To Learn About Andrology

Men’s Health Week Is The Perfect Time To Learn About Andrology
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It’s Men’s Health Week – a time for for those with a Y-chromosome to pay extra attention to their health and well-being. I spoke with the Simon von Saldern, the CEO of Healthy Male, to find out what this week is all about and where men can seek help and support for their ongoing health.

Healthy Male has a focus on helping all men and boys lead a healthier life.

“It’s our aim to promote health and well being in all aspects of life through an evidence-based approach encompassing andrology and related health issues,” said von Saldern. “Basically andrology is to men what gynaecology is to women”.

Healthy Male wants to put the spotlight during this year’s Men’s Health Week helping men to do something if they have a health problem and to know that they are not own their own.

With prostate cancer is second most commonly diagnosed cancer in males, and testicular cancer the second most common cancer diagnosis (second to skin cancer) for men aged between 20–39 years, there’s a need for men to take care of themselves with preventative checks.

von Saldern said that while there have been small reductions in the number of male deaths from cardiovascular disease, stroke and lung cancer, the rate of mortality related to dementia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and type 2 diabetes is rising among men. With young men there is a disproportionate number of deaths from preventable causes, relating to accidents and injuries, violence, substance abuse, and suicide.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, men with low socio-economic status, and men living in rural and remote areas of Australia, fare the worst for the nation’s most prominent chronic and mental health disorders.

I have to admit that I put off doing my bowel cancer screening test for over a year after it arrived in the mail. I’m told that’s not all that unusual. But this is a good week for all men to think about their physical and mental health and take proactive steps.

“People can visit our website at or visit their GP to either gets something checked or get a general check up, it’s well worth the investment in time,” said von Saldern.

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