How To Edit Video With The Windows 10 Photos App

How To Edit Video With The Windows 10 Photos App
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Over the last couple of months, I’ve been using Windows 10 a lot more than usual. Part of that is because I was road testing a Samsung Galaxy Book2 but also because the Windows 10 release cycle of two significant releases a year has meant I’ve not caught up on how the OS has changed, in a practical sense, for me. Last week, my wife asked me to trim a long video she had into four separate parts. Here’s how to edit a video using the Windows 10 Photos app.

Usually, when it comes to tasks like this, I jump on my Mac as a lot of my media and image editing workflows are centred around software I have on that computer. But, as fate had it, a blown capacitor on my MacBook Pro’s logic board (which is being replaced at the moment) meant I needed to do this on one of the Windows systems at home.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, video editing is done in the Photos app.

  1. Either by scrolling through the Start menu’s list of apps or by using Cortana, launch the Photos app
  2. Open the video you want to edit
  3. From the Edit & Create menu, choose the Trim option
  4. Move the two white spots to the start and end of the section of footage you want to save as a separate video
  5. Once you have selected the piece of footage you’re saving, click the Save a copy button, choose a folder and give it a name

You can also add slo-mo effects, captions and draw on your videos to embellish them.

Although it’s not a full-featured editing video tool, Photos is a handy tool for quickly editing a video.

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