Make Your Bicycle Winter-Proof With These Simple Tweaks

Make Your Bicycle Winter-Proof With These Simple Tweaks

Winter is here, and if you commute by bike or you just refuse to let the colder weather ruin your fun, there are a few things you can do to make cycling in the winter less terrible. Global Cycling Network walks you through a few tips in the video above.

Their recommendations include using a wet lube for your chain, re-greasing your headset bearings, and using a bike wax on your frame (if you care about the paint job). A solid fender is also helpful if you plan on hitting the streets in wet conditions, as is a good light since winter months tend to just be darker in general.

The main suggestion though, and one that nobody wants to hear, is that you’re going to need to clean your bike after pretty much every wet ride. Every bike, city and winter condition is a little different so your needs will vary, but as a starting point, Global Cycling Network’s tips should do the trick.

How to Winter-Proof Your Road Bike [YouTube]

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