Dropbox Wants To Be The Centre Of Your Productivity Universe

Dropbox Wants To Be The Centre Of Your Productivity Universe
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Dropbox has moved on from being a simple file sync-and-share application. After releasing a number of ancillary apps like Dropbox Paper and API integrations with popular online tools like Microsoft Office, Google’s suite of cloud apps as well as Zoom and Trello, the company has embarked on a redesign that aims to make Dropbox the place where you do all your work.

The “new Dropbox”, is a platform, the company says, you don’t need to leave. When you launch the new Dropbox desktop app, you can create, edit and share content without having to jump between separate applications.

So, you can be working on a document or slide deck and share it over Slack or hit someone up over Zoom to collaborate. If the work is in a project using something like Atlassian’s Jira software, you can use that as well.

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Over the last couple of years, Dropbox has been developing and releasing new API integrations. We can now see where this is going with the updated Dropbox service taking things a step further. For teams working on a common project, this looks like it could be a boon as it means the days of flicking between different tools to get things done are fading into the background.

Assuming you’re using a suite of apps that integrate with Dropbox already, you can centralise your workflows and not need to jump between apps when you want kick off a quick video conference or work collaboratively on a document.

If you’re not ready to make that change, the old way of doing things from a folder that’s synced to your computer remains available.

You can try the new Dropbox desktop app here.

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  • The problem is that they’ve just increased the price, and the storage, by $20/year and up to 2 Tb.
    What I would like to see is a drop in price, and an option for the 1Tb storage, since I’m really only using 200Gb anyway!

  • Well maybe if Dropbox wants to be the centre of anything they should drop(box) their price and up their capacity. At the moment they are a bit of a joke. They seem to have maintained the same 2gig free limit for the last 10 or so years, even when Google offer a free 15gig. There is no incentive to consider them let alone pay for them.

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