Do Easier Versions Of Pull-ups And Pushups At The Playground

If it’s been a long time since you could clamber across the monkey bars, playgrounds might seem as though they don’t offer many options for upper body workouts. But if you can find some medium-height bars, check out these moves.

Hands-elevated pushup

Much like our stairs pushups, playground pushups can make the move a little easier than doing it from the floor (or allow you to get in more reps). Put your hands on any convenient height bar, and do the move that way. The higher the bar, the easier the pushup.

Inverted rows

These rows are a cousin to pull-ups. You keep your feet on the ground, maintain a plank position if you can, and pull your chest up toward the bar. They’re easier than pull-ups because your feet are supported.

Make these easier by using a higher bar or railing (so that more of your weight rests on your feet), or harder by using a lower bar. Any grip is fine! Here I couldn’t get enough room to do the move until I turned sideways.


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