Australia’s Best NBN 50 Plan Has Been Re-Crowned

Australia’s Best NBN 50 Plan Has Been Re-Crowned
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Every week, we review over 1400 plan documents across the telco space in order to find the plans with the best value. Here’s our current winner.

When it comes to “everyday” NBN plans, our ruler for the month is Exetel’s nbn50 Unlimited offering. This plan will set you back $59.99 per month on a 12-month contract with a $20 setup fee.

You get unlimited data, a new modem, and (hopefully) good evening speeds. You should expect around 43Mbps during busy periods – which isn’t bad at all for an NBN 50 plan.

You can click on our interactive table below for the full list of inclusions:

This is a great option because it’s one of the cheapest NBN 50 plans around – plain and simple. You’ll pay a minimum of $5 more per month for pretty much any other provider, even when factoring in the plethora of promotional pricing around. Indeed, it has been our winner in the NBN 50 category three months in a row.

Here’s a look at how the Exetel plan compares:

If you don’t need unlimited data and would prefer a contract-free plan, Exetel will do 500GB for the same $59.99 per month. This does however require you to bring your own modem.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.


  • this is kind of pathetic. at my place I have a gigabit connection. In geek-free english thats 990 – 1,000 mbps. It comes with a landline and has an unlimited data allowance. It costs me NZ$116 per month. Wake up Australia, you’ve been had

  • @patdude yep pathetic – we do get royally shafted in pricing compared to everywhere for all telecommunications however setting up a internet setup in country the size of NZ Vs a country the size of Australia to service all areas is chalk and cheese in complexity hence you cannot expect pricing to be similar- not to say that justifies the highway robbery pricing we receive here.

    • Pretty good. If you have a look at their support page (click on “Contact Us” at the top right of their home page), it tells you how many customers are in the queue for support, so you know whether you should call or wait until there are fewer customers in the queue. I have their 100/Unlimited plan in Fremantle (WA) area. I’ve found them to be consistent on speed (check latency as well – I get consistently around 7ms v 106 from previous provider), network reliability and overall far better than our previous provider. In comparison, I think Exetel are magic.

  • YAWN! When will we get access to 500Mpbs speed or even 1Gbps for an affordable price. People with fibre to the home should have access to cheaper and faster plans!

  • Recently spent 8-days in a 3-star hotel in Singapore – free WiFi was 300mbps down and 200mbps up – three times the nominal maximum we can get in Australia.

    In Canberra, the best I can get is 18mbps down and 5mbps down. I was one of the first to sign up to to NBN when it came to my suburb late 2017. I signed up to a 100mbps plan, couldn’t get anywhere near it (current speeds are an improvement on original) and a complaint to the ISP led to the ISP dropping me to a 25mbps plan and refunding the difference.

    I complained to the Ombudsman only to be advised that was the best deal I could hope for as the NBN, as constructed in my area, was not capable of delivering better service!

    Appalling for a “smart” country.

    • Mal Turnbull screwed us hard. Nbn went from being a decent piece of infrastructure to a world class joke and it cost the same and took longer. Dont forgive and dont forget. Modern politicians are rat [email protected] who cant put the country first for one second due to their own scrambling self interest. Self first, party second, country doesnt even make the list.

  • BIG mistake recommending Exetel NBN50. Yes, cheapest, but service reliability and tech support are genuinely quite shocking. More than two months now and Exetel still haven’t sorted out a VoIP home service for the number (which we’ve had for 35 years!) ported from Telstra. Also regular outages lasting more than a day (currently Qld and WA are down) and tech support? Current wait time 114 minutes. I’ve had my call suddenly disconnect after waiting hours, or transferred to someone else and been put back in a queue for another hour and STILL no results. Yes, cheapest. But forget it. Just me? Check the comments on Exetel’s Facebook page. Oh, and to sign up we had to agree to waiver with leaves us with no recourse and a year-long contract. A disastrous decision I deeply regret. Don’t do it.

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