How To Increase Your Memory Retention [Infographic]

How To Increase Your Memory Retention [Infographic]

Have you ever inexplicably forgotten your PIN in front of the ATM? Or drawn a terrifying blank in the middle of an important speech? We bet you regularly type in the wrong website passwords too. Same.

If your memory just plain sucks, there are a host of scientifically proven techniques you can employ to combat your chronic forgetfulness. Here are seven of the best, with extra tips that will help to make this newfound knowledge stick.

When I was a kid, I could never remember how to spell the first half of my hometown; Faulconbridge. Me and my sister came up with an acronym: “Fat Auntie Unis Likes Cream On Nutella”. As it turns out, we had stumbled across one of the most widely used memory-retention hacks.

This infographic from financial resource service Quid Corner outlines seven popular methods for remembering stuff: from ‘loci’ (a mental/visualisation trick developed by the Ancient Greeks that we’ve discussed previously) to ‘chunking’ (which involves compartmentalising complex information into smaller, bite-size chunks.)

The PQRST method is also worth a try; especially of you have a big exam looming on the horizon. You can check out a full breakdown for each method below!

How To Increase Your Memory Retention [Infographic]

[Via Quid Corner]


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