What Is AWS Elemental?

What Is AWS Elemental?
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In our multi-screen world where video on demand is expected, the challenge is delivering high quality video that can scale to all the different screen sizes and resolutions people use. For broadcasters, who already have the cameras and people in place, being able to deliver the content to any endpoint, is critical. That’s where AWS Elemental fits in.

What is AWS Elemental?

AWS Elemental is a collection of cloud services for transcoding and distributing video content. It’s a content distribution network as well, allowing content to be cached and made available with low latency regardless of where the content originates or where it’s being watched.

It also includes tools for inserting ads into video streams.

Where did it come from?

Amazon acquired Elemental back in 2015. Before that, it was a private company that had gone through a number of significant funding rounds including one that involved substantial investment by Telstra.

Who’s using it?

Many large broadcasters around the world rely on Elemental. In 1018, it was a major component of the Commonwealth Games streaming platform operated by Seven West Media, the host broadcaster of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

In addition, the BBC, the ABC in the US, Foxtel, NASA and many other broadcasters use the service.


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