Click Frenzy Postmortem: Were The Deals Any Good?

Click Frenzy Postmortem: Were The Deals Any Good?
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The latest round of Click Frenzy deals are officially over. While there were some great deals around – particularly if you were able to snaffle up some of the really special 99% off off deals – was it worth all the effort? Let’s explore.

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I had a bit of a look around but for some specific items, as I resisted the urge to impulse buy during Catch had a bunch of items reduced by 50% or more but it often runs specific discount campaigns in various store departments. So, if you’re patient and know what you want you can often find what you’re looking for at well under the RRP.

Looking at some of the 20% to 30% off deals that were on offer, you can often find those kinds of discounts throughout the year during normal sales or just before new models are being rolled out. For example, new TVs are usually released by big companies in October and November so last year’s model is often heavily discounted around then.

So, while some of the deals were good, it’s not like you can’t get similar prices at other times if you’re patient or take the time to shop around.

I was after a new pair of running shoes and found what I wanted at the local outlet store for the same price as Click Frenzy. My wife needed a new pair as well. For those, I found what she wanted through Click Frenzy and the online retailer took another 10% for joining their mailing list. So, we ended up getting a good deal there.

The good thing about Click Frenzy is that it makes it easier to find a good deal as it pulls together a bunch of retailers and offers so you can consolidate a bunch of bargain hunting – a bit like visiting your local shopping mall on Boxing Day.

But, aside from the short-term specials on limited products, I’m not convinced the deals were all that different to what you’d find at most other sales through the year. It’s just that Click Frenzy makes them happen at the same time.

If you missed out this time, Click Frenzy Travel kicks off at 7:00PM EST on 20 August 2019. And Click Frenzy Go Wild starts on 12 November 2019,


  • Agreed. Terrible deals – just like walking into a rug store that is always on sale. Every deal I saw you could match anywhere online or in the real world. Not sure how vendors actually fared out of this? “Madness”, “mayhem”… certainly not.

  • I gave up on Click Frenzy last year. It’s literally clickbait. “Huge 90% off deals! *small print* only available for the first 3 people during some random 30 second window that you’ve already missed”. And hey they couldn’t possible use your email for spamming ads for shit you don’t want, right?

    It quite literally isn’t worth the effort for the vast majority of people as you won’t get one of the super specials. As for the rest of the specials, just watch the standard prices on stuff you want and buy during a “regular” special, like the frequent Ebay or Amazon sales.

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