The Samsung Galaxy Fold Is MIA

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Is MIA
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Samsung has apologised to its pre-order customers for delaying the rollout of the “alarmingly fragile” Galaxy Fold. More troublingly, the company has failed to lock in a new shipping date – not even a rough estimate.

Samsung was forced to postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold after a raft of hardware issues were discovered by tech journalists. The alleged faults relate to a 7mm gap in the unfolded display which allows dust to enter, as well as rapid degradation of the hinge mechanism. Some journalists also inadvertently broke their review units by peeling off what they thought was a removable screen protector.

Described as “alarmingly fragile” by tear-down specialists iFixit, the reputationally-battered product has now been put on hold across the globe. In an email to US customers, Samsung confirmed that all pre-orders will be cancelled by default if the device fails to ship this month.

“If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31st, your order will be cancelled automatically,” the email reads. (Originally, the product was supposed to launch in the US on April 26.)

It’s still possible that Samsung will send out the product prior to May 31 – but we wouldn’t bank on it. Hardware testing and quality control are lengthy processes, especially if issues are discovered that then need to be fixed.

To date, Samsung hasn’t announced when the Galaxy Fold will land in Australia. Whatever the original launch date was, it’s safe to assume it has now been pushed back. We’ll bring you an update as soon as we learn more.

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  • broke their review units by removing the screen protectorI’ve read elsewhere that it wasn’t a screen protector, but a layer of the display necessary for it to work, but looks like a screen protector. Either way, ouch.

    Must be a helluva situation to be in. If they find something that needs changing then they’ve got millions of units to sort out. Also an ouch.

    • Yeah, it wasn’t a screen protector, was part of the phone but looked liked a screen protector and some boxes did label do not remove this, others didn’t have this warning and was very small. Also, it wasn’t just this though, people who didn’t remove this layer of the screen will having issues with the screen just dying or glitching out, dirt getting inside the screen, the gaps. Samsung definitely having a big headache over this. Just imagine when they do ship these, people will probably look for more faults. However, it is first gen and something to fix and what other manufacturers know now and Samsung just wanted to be first on the scene.

    • I realise it wasn’t a screen protector in the traditional sense but fair point. I’ve amended the sentence to explain this better.

      • I would have done the same thing, if I had the fold and saw this piece that looked like a screen protector, I would have yanked it because it just what you do with new phones.

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