Play These Mobile Games Instead Of Candy Crush

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, we’re all gamers now. I’m a gamer, you’re a gamer, our mums are gamers, and their mums are also probably gamers. So it’s about time we start putting all that gaming to good use.

Smartphone Games That Actually Engage Your Brain

Stop wasting time on smartphone games where you tap on your screen over and over like a mindless zombie. Here are a few of our favorites that'll actually engage your brain and make you feel smart.

Posted by Lifehacker on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

In the video above, I make the case for deleting “dumb” games like Candy Crush and recommend “smart” games that will help you improve a skill, relax and meditate, or flex those neural connections in your brain.

The apps I recommend are:

While it’s debatable how effective “brain training” games are, it’s hard to argue that doing maths problems in Elevate or solving the NYT Crossword isn’t a better use of time than the zombie-mode tap, tap, tap of playing a game like Crossy Road.


    I stumbled upon Bonza, and it's great. Very addictive and it's so easy to create your own puzzle that others can solve.

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