Give Your Kid Some ‘Text My Parent’ Cards

Give Your Kid Some ‘Text My Parent’ Cards
I made this card using Canva and a fake phone number.

As a working mum, I admittedly haven’t connected with the parents of every child my six-year-old daughter hangs out with on the playground. But I’m sure these little buddies will miss each other over the holidays. So as my kid enters her final week of the school year, I’m giving her a small stack of “Text My Parent” cards to hand out to friends she might want to have a play date with over break.

For kids who are too young for cell phones and who might not have a neighbourhood pack, the cards are a cute way of saying “Have your people call my people.” They’re great for busy mums and dads who might not run into a lot of other parents at school pickup, or for introvert parents with extrovert children.

They’re a low-pressure invitation to get in touch, a gentler alternative to stalking and messaging people on Facebook (though I won’t say I’ve never done this). If your kids are going to summer school or camp, they can hand out the cards there as well.

To make “Text My Parent” cards, you can use a free online business card maker, like this one by Canva (which is what I used to design the card above) or this one from Avery. Include your kid’s name, along with your name and number. You might add a greeting such as “Let’s play sometime!” or “Let’s get together this summer!” Print the cards out on cardstock or printable business cards.

Of course, if you don’t have time for any of that (it’s the end of the school year, after all), you can just jot down your name and number on pieces of scrap paper, and call it a day. Either way, you’re reaching out and you’re teaching your kids to do the same.

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