These Ebay Tech Deals Have Our Attention

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If you're looking for a new smartphone, tablet, PC, or computing peripheral or accessory, there are some solid discounts on Ebay with reduced prices being further slashed if you use the right discount code. Here are five of the best deals I could spot.

These deals, as well as hundreds of others, can be found at Ebay's sale site. Although these all use the same discount code, PEEL20, make sure you check as that may change for some of the items.

Synology DS918+ 4-bay NAS

Full price: $999

Discounted price: $747

I've got one of these NAS units in the corner of my office and it's excellent. From backups, to file sharing and working as a media server, it ticks all the boxes for a small office or home NAS. It's quiet and passes the "just works' test.

Use the discount code PEEL20 to get the lowest price.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Full price: $1999

Discounted price: $1259.10

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Equipped with a Core i5 processor, 8GB or memory and a 256GB SSD, this is a great workhorse laptop for office workers, students and everyone in between. Microsoft has put together a great portable computer that ticks the boxes on price and performance.

Use the discount code PEEL20 to get the lowest price.

Alienware 34 WQHD 120 Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Full price: $2149

Discounted price: $1574.10

Who doesn't like a big screen? After testing a couple of huge displays last year, I was hooked an found returning to my "tiny" 24-inch screen hard to take. Designed for gamers, this display boasts HDMI and DisplayPort inputs and an antiglare coating.

Use the discount code PEEL20 to get the lowest price.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Full price: $1178

Discounted price: $1060.20

Finding a new release, premium smartphone for $1000 is hard work these days. But while the Galaxy S10e isn't Samsung's premium handset it's pretty darn good.

Use the discount code PEEL20 to get the lowest price.

HP ProDesk 600 Small Form Factor Desktop PC

Full price: $1099

Discounted price: $989.10

While tablet, smartphones and laptops get a lot of attention, desktop PCs are still widely used. Small form factor systems not only reduce the desktop clutter but are super handy if you need a headless system to run a specific process or for hiding somewhere to drive a display system or something similar. Unlike many other low-cost systems, this one includes Windows 10 Pro and an optical drive.

Use the discount code PEEL20 to get the lowest price.

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