Is eBay Plus Worth The Money?

Is eBay Plus Worth The Money?
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For those who missed the memo, eBay Australia now offers free delivery and returns via a new membership option called eBay Plus. It comes with a host of special offers and features exclusive to eBay Plus members. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is eBay Plus?

eBay Plus is essentially eBay’s answer to Amazon Prime, a paid subscription service that offers extra benefits to users. It provides Aussie shoppers with free domestic delivery and returns on approximately 15 million eligible eBay products.

In addition to free delivery and returns, the service promises exclusive deals and discounts that will not be available to non-members. You can also score early access to new products before they appear on the site proper.

As an added bonus, eBay Plus members will get double flybuys points on all eBay Plus purchases. There’s also a “dedicated customer support team”. If you regularly get screwed over by couriers and postal workers, this could be worth the asking price alone.

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How does it work?

Registered members can use a new Plus filter to see eligible items on the site. Products will also be accompanied by an ‘ebayplus’ logo in regular listings.

This video breaks down how it works in further detail:

How much does eBay Plus cost?

eBay Plus will set you back an annual fee of $49. There’s also a free 30-day trial so you can test the service out before committing to a subscription fee.

You can sign up for the service here.

Is eBay Plus worth the money?

That obviously depends on how frequently you use the service. eBay reckons the average eBay shopper spends $71 on shipping per year so you should be saving around $20 per year. Naturally, if you shop on ebay more than the average person, your savings will go up accordingly.

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Does eBay Plus have any restrictions?

Yes. Buying cheap items from third-party sellers will attract the usual delivery fees. However, eBay claims to have over 15 million products available. Which is a lot.

This story has been updated since its original publication.

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  • I’m getting more put off with eBay each day. I’m finding a lot of stores don’t actually stock any items locally and are resellers, Chinese sellers are especially bad where you order a part to be told up to 2 weeks later it is out of stock. You then order the same item from 5 other seller and they too are all out of stock, they all buy from the same manufacturer.
    If you haven’t got something don’t try to sell it.

    • If you check the ad carefully and the seller’s been deceptive in saying an item is in Australia where in reality they don’t have it, you should be able to report the ad.

      • They don’t say the item is in Australia. They use a Australian registered eBay account and say the product ships from China. That’s the give away.

        • Indded. Depending on how quickly I need an item I always check where the ad says it’s coming from. There’s a load of ads with Australian flags in the corner of the image and phrases such as “Aussie Seller” when, as you say, they’re just a reseller for overseas stock.

    • Annoyingly, even when you select Australia only I still get chinese products pretending to be in NSW. I’m ok with chinese stuff, I just don’t like being duped that it came from Australia if I want my money to go to locals.

  • With most sellers incorporating the shipping fee into the actual product fee, is there really any need for free shipping through a subscriber model?

    • Good point! I buy from eBay regularly and there are a hell of a lot of sellers that incorporate the postage into the price. I don’t think I’m going to use the Plus system though, I think it’s just another way to get saleable information from you.

    • That is holding me back to.
      I sometimes log in to (instead of, as there are products offered there that are not on the AU site.
      They usually have large shipping cost.
      If I were to join ebay Austrlia’s ‘ebay plus’ –
      – Does my membership extend to ?
      – Would free shipping be applicable on those products on web site when say they want $20 US for shipping ?
      Even on the when products are to be shipped from UK or US, they usually have expensive shipping. Will they be eligible for ‘ebay plus’ free shipping ?
      If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, then I will be joining.

  • Amazon still has not put a wishlist on the Australian site, which is bad news. I can store most of it on other sites, but that is inconvenient. Plus some of the prices on the Australian site are sheer piracy, and its cheaper going to a store like Gerry’s. Amazon will really have to lift its game, or I do what I have done in the past, use a friend. I don’t mind paying the GST, but I do not like to be held to ransom by people who think Aussies have nothing better to do than be ripped off.

    • I don’t know why there are products being offered like $300 for a wire stripper or such, why does this happen? Anytime I try to review the item and let people know it’s robbery I get my review knocked back. Yes, Amazon needs to overhaul how crap things are getting, I can’t see anyway to contact them.

    • I’ve got a wishlist on the Aus site and bought several things that are cheaper on there. Obviously not everything is but a bunch of good deals can be found.

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