Three Words: Whipped Cottage Cheese

Three Words: Whipped Cottage Cheese

I love cottage cheese with my whole heart, but it does not have the sexiest reputation, and it can be a challenge for those with textural issues. But the salty, creamy, tangy dairy can be enjoyed by even the pickiest dairy lovers — you just have to whip it first.

Cottage Cheese Is The Best No-Cook Breakfast

I love to start my day with curds and whey; they’re filling, neutral enough to pair deliciously with a variety of plant parts, and (most importantly) speedy. A bowl of cottage cheese takes the same amount of time to prepare as a bowl of cereal, but will keep you fuller for much longer. (Also, if you top it with a vegetable, you get to feel virtuous.)

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This idea — which I originally saw on The Kitchn — is nothing short of genius. It eliminates the whole curds and whey situation, blending them into one, luscious, creamy spread.

All you have to do is whirr a cup of full-fat cottage cheese in the food processor for a minute. If you really want to take it to a place of luxury, drizzle in a little olive oil, which will help cut the cheese’s inherent squeakiness and make for a smoother spread.

Spread on your favourite piece of bread — or hash brown patty — and top with jam, fresh fruit, sliced tomatoes, or flaky salt and cracked pepper.

It also makes a very good (high protein) dip for chips, vegetables, or a spoon. In fact, when eaten directly from the bowl, it almost reads like a savoury yogurt, except it’s cheese, and cheese is never unwelcome.

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