Celebrate World Whisky Day With These Classic Drops

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I've said it before and I'll say it again; there really is a day for just about everything. And today, it's whisky's turn for the spotlight. It's World Whisky Day and Ebay is celebrating with a solid deal to help warm your insides.

Good Drop is having a whisky sale on Ebay and, on top of their already reduced prices, they're taking off another $10 if you buy two bottles from them.

Here are some of the deals. All are 700ml bottles and come in a nice box so you can buy one for yourself and give the other away as a gift without the whole "how the heck do you wrap a bottle" challenge.

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    A $4138.99 - $123.99 discount, yes please.

    It may just be an excuse to sell more whisky, but you're a bit early.
    World Whisky Day is the third Saturday of May - which this year is the 18th, not the 8th.

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