Use Your Hand Or Arm As A Tape Measure

Use Your Hand Or Arm As A Tape Measure

Sometimes, when you’re out and about in the world, you may find that it would be really helpful to have a tape measure.

You could be like my mum, who carries a soft, lightweight tape measure like this one around in her purse and whips it out every time she needs to measure a random wall-hanging or outdoor chair cushion.

Or you could be like Reddit user u/buttpuckering (we don’t discriminate based on usernames) and try this:

For quick reference in the future, find and measure between two points on your hand/forearm to the closest inch.

Some examples: Left hand. Middle finger, 3″. Tip of pinky to a mole on wrist, 6″. Index finger to a mole on forearm, 12″.

It helps out when quick, small measurements are needed and a ruler isn’t handy.

Thanks to this tip, I now know that the length of my middle finger to the top of my wrist is almost exactly 18cm, which means I soon will be (constructively) flipping off a bunch of inanimate objects.

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