The Best Way To Roll And Smoke A Joint

Pot is bad, mmkay? Um, except in countries where it's legal. Over the past few years, the laws on recreational marijuana use have been considerably relaxed in many places around the world. It is now perfectly legal to smoke weed in many parts of Asia, Europe and the Americas. (The Antipodes are a notable exception, sadly.)

If you're travelling to the one of the aforementioned continents and want to sample the local ganja, it pays to know how to roll a joint. This video covers all the basics for beginners.

In the video above, John Short of California Alternative Caregivers shows the new way to roll a joint. Apparently, those in the know don’t buy rolling papers any more — they buy a package of pre-rolled cones. This makes the whole process faster, easier and cleaner.


    why the fuck politicians are not talking about legalising marijuana?!! for me it is a guaranteed seat in parliament.

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