Put These Aussie ‘Tourist Attractions’ On Your Bucket List [Infographic]

Put These Aussie ‘Tourist Attractions’ On Your Bucket List [Infographic]
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A great many Australians spend thousands of dollars on overseas holidays without ever thinking to explore their own backyard first. Our mainland continent and neighbouring islands make for a truly vast playground – no matter what you happen to enjoy doing.

This infographic breaks down 24 Australian “bucket list” activities that you might not have known about; from visiting underground mining towns to swimming with saltwater crocs.

The following checklist was put together by Webjet in conjunction with zuji.com.au. While chiefly aimed at overseas tourists (cuddle a koala!), the list contains several activities that may inspire you to change your holiday plans this year.

For example, I’d never heard of the dubiously named ‘Cage Of Death’ crocodile dive in Northern Territory. I’m now quite keen to check this out. (With that said, I’m thinking it should probably be last on my bucket list. Just in case.)

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You can check out the full checklist below. How many have you done? Let us know your personal favourites below. (As well as any other recommendations you may have!)

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