Samsung Galaxy Note X Pro: Everything You Need To Know

It seems extremely likely that Samsung will release a premium Note smartphone in 2019 to complement the Galaxy S10 5G. We now know a bit more about the device, including its name. Prepare yourself for the Samsung Galaxy Note X Pro.

A well-regarded source of Samsung rumours and leaks, Ice Universe, published this tweet yesterday.

If that name sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of Apple, which has long reserved the “Pro” label for its premium devices. The Mac Pro and MacBook Pro have been around for yonks, of course. But over the last couple of years we’ve also seen the iMac Pro and iPad Pro emerge. These high-end (and super-expensive) devices typically introduce new features that eventually filter down to more affordable devices in a generation or two.

So what can we expect from a Galaxy Note that carries the Pro name? Like the top-range S10 it will almost certainly come with 5G support in countries that have their networks up and running. We’ve also heard rumours of a 6.75-inch display. More RAM and storage than the other three models is also extremely likely.

I think we can expect an updated stylus with enhanced functionality, a bezel-free display, a hole-punch for the sensors and lens and at least four cameras in the rear.

From a marketing point of view, the move to the ‘Pro’ nomenclature makes sense. The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in four versions but the names, other than the ‘S10 5G’ don’t really help consumers tell the difference. By adding “Pro” to the name of the top-end unit, they create some differentiation in the range.

If Samsung follows a similar route to the Galaxy S10 with its new Note range, we should also see a Note 10e – with the ‘e’ standing for “entry level”. (That’s probably not the real reason behind the name, but it makes sense damn it!) That just leaves the Note 10 and Note 10+ in the middle. I expect they’ll be similar devices to the existing Note range with the “+” indicating a larger display.

We expect to see the Note range launch sometime in August or September. However, Samsung is making a habit of releasing the ultra-premium version of it flagships a few months after, so we might not see the Pro version until December or even January 2020. Time will tell.


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