Optus Deal: Score A Free Google Home Hub On Pixel 3 XL Plans!

Optus Deal: Score A Free Google Home Hub On Pixel 3 XL Plans!
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If you’ve been humming-and-hawing about upgrading your Pixel phone, Optus’ latest deal might just get you over the line. Right now, you can score a free Google Home Hub valued at $219 when you sign up to any Pixel 3 XL plan with at least 50GB of data. Here are the options!

The Google Pixel 3 XL provides a host of incremental hardware and software improvements over the Pixel 2. These include a larger display, 40% louder speakers and new camera tools including the celebrated Top Shot and Night Sight modes. Despite being six months old, it remains a brilliant flagship.

The Google Home Hub, meanwhile, is essentially a touchscreen-equipped control centre for your smart home. You can use it to turn on your lights, lock doors, show the weather, list your day’s schedule and tons more, with the display providing related visual information and navigation options.

For a limited time, Optus is bundling both devices together on a range of 24-month mobile plans with prices starting at $100. The deal is available for both the 64GB and 128GB variants of the Pixel 3 XL. (The standard Pixel 3 isn’t being offered, unfortunately.)

Here are the 64GB Pixel 3 XL plans:

And here are the 128GB options:

All plans come with unlimited talk and text, unlimited standard international calls to select countries, free access to Optus Sport and data-free music streaming on Spotify and Google Play Music. The deal runs until June 30, but you’ll need to redeem your Google Home Hub before July 16.

Alternative options

If you don’t require the latest Pixel phone, Telstra has a deal on at the moment that’s also worth considering. For $49 a month, you can get the Pixel 2 XL with 15GB of data. Here are the inclusions:

When you consider that the Pixel 2 XL sports the same CPU, memory and native resolution as its successor, the Telstra option is arguably a better deal. With that said, a free Google Home Hub is nothing to sniff at and you also get way more data with Optus. The choice is yours.

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