Make A Tiny Spout On Your Coffee Bag For Easy Pouring

If I have the option to estimate rather than measure exactly, I am always going to choose to eyeball it. This is true when it comes to butter, and this is true when it comes to coffee. Rather than scoop and level my coffee grounds before adding them to the pot, I pour them directly into the brewing basket.

This used to be kind of messy, until I realised I could use the bendy piece of wire on the bag to fashion an easy-pour spout.

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How one takes their coffee is an extremely personal matter, and I am always hesitant to tell people they are “doing it wrong,” particularly because coffee pedantry is the worst type of pedantry.

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I don’t know if the bendy piece of wire has an official name; I just know that it’s usually used to re-seal the bag, and that it is very bendy. Thanks to its bendiness, you can pinch it between your fingers, making a little spout you can then use to direct your grounds into your favourite brewing receptacle.

This is obviously not a hack for the pour over obsessives, but if all you know is that you need “a lot of coffee”, this pour and brew method will streamline your caffeine consumption, and reduce the number of drawers you need to open and spoons you need to wash.