How To Brew Pour Over Coffee [Infographic]

How To Brew Pour Over Coffee [Infographic]
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Pour over coffee is an intriguing alternative to the drip method or French press. As its name implies, it involves pouring small amounts of water through coffee grounds using a carafe and special kind of kettle. This infographic breaks down everything you need to know about brewing coffee the old way.

Over the past few years, pour over coffee has been enjoying a comeback in trendy cafes, but the method was actually invented way back in 1908 by German entrepreneur Melitta Bentz. This quote from a NY Times article explains the procedure and why many coffee connoisseurs find it so appealing:

The narrow spout produces a thin, precise stream, and the handle brings your hand into a naturally balanced position – instead of flooding the filter and letting it drip, you deliver a measured amount of water over a period of several minutes. It might sound precious or tedious, but the control is enthralling. It’s like picking up a drafting pen after only writing with Magic Markers. More important, the coffee tastes different. The flavors can be distinctive and bright, even sweet. A “bean” is really the fermented seed of a cherrylike shrub, and if coffee is roasted carefully and brewed correctly, you can taste the flower and the fruit.

Pour over coffee isn’t for everyone: if you’re time-poor or enjoy coffee’s bitter taste, a traditional mug of Joe is the way to go. But for the rest of us, this antiquated method is definitely worth exploring. Check out the infographic below for heaps more information!

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