Samsung Galaxy Note X Leak Reveals World's Largest Phone

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Samsung has barely let the dust settle on the Galaxy S10 but it's now preparing to release the next version of its phablet - the Galaxy Note X / Note 10. The latest leaks have revealed no fewer than four new Note devices - including an enormous 5G version with a 6.75-inch display. Here's a breakdown of all the leaked models and specs.

Samsung's strategy with the Galaxy Note X follows a similar line to the Galaxy S10. There will be a lower-cost option with a smaller display with the most expensive version having the largest display, a quad-camera array and 5G connectivity.

The news was leaked by ETNews (translated from original Korean).

  • 4G/LTE large and small display, and 5G large and small display options
  • A "budget" model, the Galaxy Note10e, with 4G/LTE, a 6.28-inch display and three-camera array
  • High-end models with 6.75-inch displays
  • Native display resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels
  • Processors will be the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/Exynos 9820 options seen in the Galaxy S10

Interestingly, the 6.75-inch display is almost the same size as the Galaxy Tab A, the company's entry level tablet.

While the Galaxy S10 is a great smartphone, the overlap in features and specs makes a choice between the upcoming Note10 and the already-available S10 pretty interesting. If your current handset is nearing the end of its contract and you're hungry for an upgrade waiting until early August, when the Galaxy Note10 is expected to be announced, seems like a good idea.

By then, you'll get device that can use a stylus for note-taking that doubles up as a remote for shooting selfies, and some more display and camera options.


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