Google Pixel 4 Mini: This Is The One We've Been Waiting For

Image: iPhone Designer via Twitter
There have been rumblings about a miniature Pixel phone for months now - some of it directly from Google's mouth. Now, a series of unofficial renders have revealed what such a phone might look like - and you're definitely going to want one.

For the past few years, consumers have basically been offered two sizes when it comes to flagship smartphones: very big and stupidly big. For people with small hands or a preference for compact handsets, it's been pretty slim pickings.

That could soon be set to change, however, with Google reportedly committing to three different scree sizes for the Pixel 4. This will include an ultra-compact model dubbed the Pixel 4a which will measure a decidedly non-'phablet' five inches. In other words, it will be a flagship phone that fits comfortably into your hand.

This puts it in iPhone SE territory, which is a sadly neglected form factor in the Android market. We have no doubt that many users would be happy to give up a little screen real estate for a phone that can ride around in their pocket and doesn't require two hands to operate effectively.

Apart from the smaller screen, you can expect the Pixel 4a to be a slightly lower specced version of its larger siblings. It will likely come with the same chipset and memory, but a less impressive camera.

To date, the only official image released by Google was this tongue-in-cheek Instagram post for the Pixel 3. It seems we're going to have to wait a little longer for a proper glimpse at this product.

In the meantime, the concept artists at Phone Designer have posted some eye-catching renders of what the Goggle Pixel 4 Mini could look like. Check it out below.

You can expect the Google Pixel 4 range to launch some time in October. Doubtlessly there will be many many hardware leaks before this date, so keep your eyes peeled for more news about the Pixel 4 Mini in the months ahead.

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