Budgeting Tools Aren’t Keeping Up With Spending Tools

Budgeting Tools Aren’t Keeping Up With Spending Tools

It seems that while many people are embracing new payment systems that help to extricate finds from their wallets and bank accounts, they aren’t quite as good at managing their finances as they should be. While banking apps and online payments are popular, tools for managing expenses are far less popular.

According to a study by Bankwest, Generation Y – the cohort of people born between the mid-1980s and the turn of the millennium – has jumped on board with the digital world. Almost four in five use online music services while ride sharing (60%), food delivery (59.3%) and video streaming (45.2%) are also popular.

While online and mobile banking are widely used by that group fewer than one on five – just 18.7% – are using tools to help them manage their spending.

Certainly, the ability to just tap a card or press a button makes impulse purchases easy with over 90% saying its super easy to spend without thinking.

In contrast, Baby Boomers – the cohort born from after the second world war through to the mid 1960s are far less trusting of digital payments.

One way to make it easier to not overspend online is to not have your savings account tied to a debit card. Have your salary or other income paid into that account and have an automatic transfer sent to your debit card account based on your budget.

Or, you can learn some good, old-fashioned self discipline.

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