April Fool’s Day 2019 Spoilers: All The Fake Stories And Pranks Revealed

Microsoft is banning April Fools Day this year, but there are still plenty of companies embracing their silly side. Here are the best (and worst) online gags to watch out for on April 1 – from the McDonald’s McPickle Burger to the TID tattoo-translation app.

Today’s barrage of fake products and services range from the cringe worthy (natch) to the mildly amusing. There are also a few that we actually wish existed. (Sign me up for a HyperDrive Ultimate Ultimate Hub, please!)

We’ll be updating this list with more gag images and videos throughout the day, so be sure to head back later. You can also check out the very best April Fool’s Day products from previous years at the bottom of this article.

HyperDrive Ultimate Ultimate Hub

“Feeling nostalgic about the features that made your old desktop a classic? Say hello to the Ultimate Ultimate Hub, a new cutting-edge tech accessory from HYPER. In an effort to please all of our customers, we have incorporated each and every one of their feature requests into a single device.

“This new product will feature 40 ports and has been aptly named the HyperDrive Ultimate Ultimate Hub. In addition to its arsenal of USB, HDMI, and Ethernet ports, the Ultimate Ultimate Hub offers an array of innovative technology, including two RCA connectors, a reader for your collection of floppy disks, and a built-in speaker that doubles as a space heater, with its temperature depending on the number of active connections to the USB-C hub.


  • Thick, heavy, substantial styling.
  • Built-in 100Wh / 27000mAh airline-safe battery pack
  • 2-in-1 speaker and space heater using the same front air vent holes (temperature depending on the number of active connections)
  • USB-C hub with a total of 40 ports
  • 9 x USB-C
  • 9 x USB-A
  • 2 x microSD
  • 2 x SD
  • 1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 2 x DisplayPort
  • 1 x Mini DVI
  • 1 x VGA
  • 1 x Ethernet
  • 1 x Modem RJ-11
  • 1 x Optical Audio “Toslink”
  • 1 x Firewire 400
  • 1 x Firewire 800
  • 2 x RCA
  • 1 x Parallel Port
  • 1 x Serial Port
  • 1 x PS/2
  • 1 x AT Port
  • 1 x 3.5” Floppy Disk Drive

TID Tattoo Checker

“The ‘TID: We’ve Got Your Back’ App is a free tattoo spell checker. Ahead of the tatt-seeking traveller getting inked, the App will simply scans the artist’s flash-sheet to reveal any pesky tattoo typos among English, Thai and Indonesian characters, ensuring they aren’t scarred for life. The app even gives you the option of sharing the tattoo with your mum for her approval at the push of a button (requires your mother to also download the App).”

Fisher Price Bong Playset

“Thanks to our partnership with Fisher Price, Factory Buys is able to bring you this EXCLUSIVE today only offer. Limited stock, get your Tiny Toker before they sell out!”


“Launching on the 1st of April, ContikiCam is a discreet onboard camera that will capture traveller’s every move and allow friends and family to follow on, all from the comfort of their own home. With ContikiCam™, your loved ones will be able to log into your live feed and follow your journey, every step of the way!”

Sydney Zoo bin chicken exhibit

“In response to consumer demand, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbour is excited to announce the launch of its latest exhibit – the Bin Chicken display! Emma Malik, Senior Bin Chicken Keeper said the decision to open the new display was a direct response to demand from guests. “We’re regularly asked by our international guests why we don’t have their favourite Australian animal, the majestic Bin Chicken here in the zoo for everyone to admire.”

Famous for their native Australian animals, the Bin Chickens will be in great company amongst koalas, kangaroos, Davey the quokka, Rocky the saltwater crocodile and Tasmanian Devils at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. The exhibit open from 1st April and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.”

McDonald’s Pickle Burger

“Pickle lovers, it’s the news you’ve all been waiting for. We’re super stoked to announce the launch of our brand new McPickle Burger. It’s time to tuck into juicy, flavoursome pickles layered between melted cheese, ketchup sauce and toasted sesame seed buns. It’s sure to be a treat for all your senses.”

Audible For Fish

“Did you get caught hook, line and sinker by our little joke? We hope we haven’t made it orcaward. We dolphinately don’t want you to feel left at sea, floundering with nothing to read. To make it up to you, why not check out some fintastic fishy audiobooks below.”

MagicMite Fast-Food Breakfast Spreads

“Have you ever woken up with the unwavering urge to spread fast food on your toast? Scientists from the Yellow Octopus food research and product development team (Yum Fo Sho Labs) have been working tirelessly to make this dream a reality.

“Using nano-technology, the team have extracted the true taste of takeaway food. The exact essence of each nuanced flavour comes through in this lusciously viscous condiment. Available in 4 delicious flavours: Fried Chicken, Chinese Takeaway, Burgers and Fries, Burrito and Pizza.”

Webjet’s BREXIT Flash Sale

“You may have heard about the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Hell, you might even be one of the lovely people who voted for it. Why would you want to go to Europe after this?

“Webjet Australia are here to help so you don’t have to stay and deal with the no deal. Get out of the rain and come on over to sunny Australia on one of our $1 international flights, departing daily from all major UK cities!”

Madame Tussauds Sydney ‘Big Wax’ Launch

“From the infamous Big Banana in Coffs Harbour to the Big Prawn in Ballina, Australia has seen it all. So it’s a wonder why the nation’s biggest city doesn’t have its own ‘Big’ drawcard. After months of negotiations, Madame Tussauds Sydney has been given the green light from the ‘Department of Big Things’ to launch Sydney’s first ever giant figure.

“The giant wax figure of an iconic Australian will grace an associated and equally iconic location, offering a unique photo opportunity like never before. This will transform the city, become an unmissable photo opportunity for the ‘gram, and further enhance Sydney’s reputation as the number one city in Australia.”

Tinder Height Verification Badge

“Say goodbye to height fishing. It’s come to our attention that most of you 5’10ers out there are actually 5’6. The charade must stop. To require everyone under 6’ to own up to their real height, we’re bringing truthfulness back into the world of online dating with the Height Verification Badge (HVB).

“Simply input your true, accurate height with a screenshot of you standing next to any commercial building. We’ll do some state-of-the-art verifying and you’ll receive your badge directly on your profile.”

Winterrun University

“Winterrun University is taking student applications! This prestigious university provides the finest education from the finest educators in the seven kingdoms. BECOME A GUN AT WINTERRUN!”


“The future of micro-mobility is here! Aussies will now have no excuse to be late for work or appointments with the launch of the new and incredibly agile UberGO. UberGO is launching in a bid to ease congestion and take the pressure off commuters who are constantly getting caught up in peak hour traffic. By taking more cars off the road and getting more people onto the pogo stick, we can give cities another tool to help fight congestion, and therefore pollution.

They say sitting is the new smoking, UberGO will not only tackle carbon emissions but also ensure you get some physical activity in your day. Pogo-ing is a great way to get the heart rate going and increase your incidental exercise — your Fitbit will love you!”

Lay’s ‘No-Share Pack’ Chips

“In collaboration with LTLI technologies, Lay’s R&D labs have developed a path-breaking packaging technology. Presenting, the limited edition Lay’s No-Share pack! Installed with fingerprint sensors, Lay’s No-Share pack allows you (and only you) to open and lock your favourite Lay’s. It’s ergo-nom-nom-nomical system locks the pack if not touched for 30 seconds and activates standby mode. With Lay’s No-Share pack, you won’t have to worry about another chip being taken away so that you can focus on more important stuff, like enjoying your Lay’s.”

Lay’s Pepsi Flavour Chips

“We wish this was for real,” teases Lay’s India on its Facebook page. When you consider some of the weird-arse flavours Lay’s has released, we’re kind of surprised it isn’t.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre to construct giant LEGO replica of Sydney

“LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne has today announced it will dismantle MINILAND Melbourne and replace it with a LEGO® replica of Sydney.

Dave Boyd, General Manager at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, says the decision to replace the LEGO MCG, Eureka Tower and Federation Square with the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower Eye was due to feedback from visitors.

“After careful consideration and feedback from customers, we acknowledge Australia’s greatest city is Sydney. Who needs barista-made coffee, deliciously authentic food, an international arts scene and world class events when you have a harbour?” said Mr Boyd.

Nando’s Peri Plump lip kit

“Due to the overwhelming fan-love of its famous basting, Nando’s has created its own range of wearable sauce with its new lipstick range. In collaboration with a well-known Aussie make-up brand, the PERi-Plump Lip Kit will be made up of five heat flavours – BBQ, Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot and Xtra Hot – using Nando’s PERi-PERi chillies from South Africa, the lipsticks will also give a natural boost to lips.

“While slightly pigmentated, the lipsticks have been designed to wear when tucking into a Nando’s dish for an extra kick of flavour.”

Kathmandu all-weather wedding dress

“The world’s first all-weather, all-terrain designer wedding dress that packs down to a travel-size backpack has been released by leading outdoor apparel brand Kathmandu today. Brides now have the chance to choose from the world’s most remote locations for their big day.

“The Adapt Wedding Dress is the result of a collaboration between Kathmandu, New Zealand fashion designer Tanya Carlson and GORE-TEX fabric, which is used extensively in the Kathmandu clothing range.

The one-of-a-kind gown features:

  • Design engineered with GORE-TEX, enabling the dress to be waterproof yet functional
  • A train that transforms into a cape with hood (take that, unexpected heavy rainfall)
  • A Pack&GO solution, allowing the dress to cleverly pack down into a travel-size bag
  • Large storage pockets inside the dress also allow the bride to carry flowers, first-aid kits or bottles of water
  • Internal zips that transform the length of the dress, taking the bride from alter to first waltz with ease and style

Duolingo Push

“Duolingo is taking push notifications out of your phone and into the real world! With Duolingo Push, Duo the Owl will literally show up to remind you to practice so you never miss a day of language learning again.”


“American astronaut Scott Kelly, best known for having spent the most time in space on a single mission, launches SodaStream’s newest product innovation; SodaStream.ME, turning your excess CO2 into sparkling water on the go!”

Travelodge Hotels launches Bedshare

“Travelodge Hotels has just announced Bedshare – an exciting new room share option that promises up to 50 percent discounts for guests willing to share 50 percent of their rooms and amenities with another guest. With Bedshare, as well as sharing a room, meal and all amenities (including towels and toilet paper) team members go to the effort to mark literally everything down the middle, a move which guests are equally happy about.”

EB Games ‘Sale’ Fragrance

“Introducing the latest in unisex fragrance technology – SALÉ by Electronics Boutique! SALÉ (pronounced Sal-ay) is the fresh and avant-garde creation from entertainment and now scent retailer, Electronics Boutique.

“Baroque, epitome, serendipity – these are all words that you’ll probably start saying after inhaling the alluring scent of SALÉ. Leave your friends behind, and join us in the new age of aroma.”

Newegg iBrite RGB CPU

“With the iBrite, Newegg has introduced the world’s first CPU with built-in RGB capabilities. The iBrite is capable of all the RGB lighting tricks you’ve come to expect from your RAM, keyboards, mousepads, coffee mugs and pillow cases. Its highly advanced diodes can be turned on, turned off, and can even be programmed to blink between on and off states. Incredible, right? We really do live in a cyberpunk future.

“But the lights aren’t just cosmetic – they also give you critical information about the performance of your system, too. Rather than diving into the Task Manager or BIOS to see what’s going on with your PC, you just need to look at the iBrite. If the lights are all on, that means your system is on. If the lights are all off, well, your system is probably off too. And if some lights are on and some are off, that’s your indication that some of the diodes are currently illuminated, while others are disabled, or possibly burnt out.”

Virgin Australia Food Delivery

“Virgin Australia Fly Foods aims to revolutionise Aussies’ take-away experiences by opening up a whole new world of interstate dining options that can be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own city, featuring a selection of top Australian restaurants already on-board. With a click of a button, Melbourne’s hottest burgers or Adelaide’s best seafood can be ready to eat by dinnertime!”

Sparro pet buddy service

“Sparro, a digital marketing agency based in Surry Hills, has recently introduced a pick-your-own-pet buddy system for fresh staff to help transition into their new roles. The system is also part of a larger initiative aimed towards improving office culture and overall mental health in the workplace.


“Introducing SVÖL – a high protein wine made for those looking to keep fit while still enjoying a drink! A protein-based, that can be used as both a pre and post workout, beverage would create quite a buzz online.”

Wotif Launches Airline For Tall People

“Today Wotif is proud to launch Emu Airlines – the world’s first airline catering exclusively to tall people. Whether it’s having their knees crushed by the seat in front of them, having to fake-laugh at endless ‘You should have been a basketball player’ jokes, or being asked to put everyone’s bags in the overhead compartment, flying can be a real nightmare for our tall friends. Today, with Emu Airlines, Wotif says no more!

“With Emu Airlines, Wotif is really raising the bar for air-travel comfort. We’re lifting the one-and-a-half-mile-high game with:

  • Two classes: budget-friendly Emuconomy seats and luxurious Daddy Long Legs double suites (which include two premium-sized seats that can be folded down together to create a king-sized bed)
  • Non-squishy seats! Emuconomy offers 101.6cm of pitch between rows (usually around 78cm) and extra tall seat backs with built-in travel pillows for enhanced neck support. They even come with double-wide armrests, which means no more silent battles for elbow room
  • A minimum 33kg luggage allowance and no restriction on bag size (to accommodate bigger shoes and longer pants)
  • Ensuite-size bathrooms with proper sliding doors (which will be music to the ears of anyone who’s ever been trapped by those cruddy fold-in ones)
  • Indulgent (and inspirational) ‘Reach for the Stars’ care packages with XL compression socks, 600ml bottles of water and full-size chocky bars (because “fun” size isn’t fun for anyone)
  • Complimentary on-board yoga and massage for stretching out tired muscles – perfect for long flights (and long limbs)
  • Tarmac boarding via the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ – a specially designed set of airstairs with an impressive 26.67cm rise between steps (because your long legs don’t need little baby steps, thank you very much)

Mindfulness program for dogs

“With millions of Australians now adopting mindfulness into their everyday lives, Smiling Mind – Australia’s leading meditation app – has extended its catalogue of programs to include a dedicated meditation for our canine best friends.

“The three-minute mindfulness practice ‘Doggy Body Scan’, provides owners with a pawsitive and practical resource to help dogs who may be susceptible to stress, anxiety and general disruptive behaviour. Smiling Mind believes that EVERY mind should thrive, so this program is a natural extension of its brand.”

Leos banned from GoGet

“GoGet is working to make driving better for everyone, so today we’re banning all Leo drivers from the service. A recent study of its members’ driving habits by star sign found Librans were the best drivers, while Leos broke the law more than any other sign.

“The data clearly shows Leos are 38% worse than Librans, and receive 11% more fines than the next worst sign, Pisces. GoGet’s Leo members will be emailed about their immediate suspension this morning, pending further investigation surrounding their date of birth.”

Kayak Launched ‘Flat-Earth’ Tools

“To support its mission to help customers travel with confidence, leading travel search engine, KAYAK is launching a new suite of tools that accommodates the Flat Earth model. The Flat Earth theory has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, particularly in light of the new Netflix documentary, Behind the Curve.

“In response to this new demand, the Routes tool on KAYAK.com.au will be remodelled to use the Flat Earth map, affecting the flight paths and costs provided. KAYAK also recently added Trip Stats, a tool which calls out important statistics about the way you travel, like how many miles you’ve flown. It will now also include stats on how many times you have flown around the circumference of the Flat Earth.”

New currency announced for Brexit transition period

“Introducing the Pouro, the official transition period currency for Brexit. Ready for use throughout the transition period, the pouro will be accepted throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. That’s right, folks, one currency to exchange and carry across 27 countries in Europe and four countries in the UK.”

Shutterstock To Build World’s Largest Physical Library

“Shutterstock today announced plans to build and open its first brick-and-mortar stock library. The library will house over 250 million volumes of imagery, a full floor showcasing over 14 million reels of film, and a listening bay where visitors can enjoy over 20,000 music tracks. All content will include the renowned Shutterstock visual and audio watermarks.

“Just as leading digital companies like Amazon and Warby Parker have created immersive brick-and-mortar experiences to complement and integrate with their web and mobile versions, Shutterstock today joins their ranks,” said Jon Oringer, Founder and CEO of Shutterstock. “Our research has shown that to ensure that we’re delighting people at every step of the customer journey, there are parts of the experience that need to be in the physical world. We want to serve our customers in an omnichannel way, because that’s what customers expect. Sometimes innovation means moving backwards, bringing the digital world into the real world.”

Youfoodz Launches KidzFoodz

Parents of picky eaters rejoice! Kids across the country can ditch the same-old meat and three veg routine, and treat every day like a party thanks to the new Kidfoodz range from leading fresh food company, Youfoodz. From today, three new meals will be added to the Youfoodz menu specifically designed for young palates. (But adults, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted a piece of the action.)

“These foods defined ‘90s Australian birthday parties, so cue all the nostalgic feels. Drumroll please as we introduce the delicious Kidfoodz menu options:

    Unicorn Bread: A YF spin on a party classic, little foodies can enjoy soft brioche bread with a generous dusting of our rainbow protein ‘sprinklez’. Because let’s be honest, fairy bread is a national treasure.

    Little Franks: A footy classic with our hand-stuffed pork and thyme mini franks. (Double) dipping is essential with serves of Frank’s best bud, ‘Tommy’ sauce. No matter how your team plays on the field, dinner is the real winner here.

    Nuggs ‘N’ Sauce: Succulent bite-sized chicken morsels, coated in our special panko breadcrumbs and served with YF house-made sweet and sour sauce. Growing kiddos can get a hearty serving of protein with these baked – not fried – bites.

Jabra Earbud(dy)

Introducing the the Jabra Earbud(dy), the world’s first shared headphone. Engineered for shared music moments, the headphones come with an ultra-light headband that extends seamlessly to accommodate the perfect fit for every pair of buddies, so you’ll never have to enjoy another music moment alone.

“The Jabra Earbud(dy) comes with a unique Buddy mode that promises a shared music experience that is tailored to suit each person’s preferences. Accessible via the Jabra app, the Buddy mode offers music personalisation that promises a tailored sound experience so you can listen to your music just the way you like it. Like your bass a bit louder than your buddy? No problem! Your music experience can be easily personalised using the easy-to-use music equaliser – without having any impact on your buddy’s music experience.”

Menulog For Pets

“With 5.7 million households owning a pet in Australia, online food delivery service Menulog has just announced its latest offering, Menupet. A service catering to our four-legged, furry or feathery friends, Menupet is powered by Australia’s broadest teaching food delivery network, Menulog, to allow customers to order from a range of pet foods for all breeds and species.

“Whether your loyal companion eats strictly grass-fed beef or requires organic tuna for the fluffiest coat, Menupet will offer Australia’s pets the fastest, finest and freshest food delivered.”

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