Aussie Mobile Broadband Is Finally Affordable

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Mobile broadband plans used to come in two flavours - 'bugger all data' or 'expensive as buggery'. They were chiefly used by metro home businesses with plenty of cash to burn. Thankfully, those days are now over.

Mobile broadband is an internet service provided over Australia's mobile networks - typically via a SIM card that you insert into a wireless modem. For the past few months, the price of 4G mobile broadband plans has been steadily declining. At the same time, data allowances are getting more and more generous.

The result is that you can now get up to 500GB of data from a major telco for as little as $80 per month. While this wont suit every type of user - online gamers, we're looking at you - it's definitely enough for an average family's streaming and downloading demands.

Here are the best plans available right now. To find out more about each plan, click on the 'Go' buttons in our interactive table:

If you're currently saddled with a crappy fibre-to-the-node connection, the plans in the above table can provide a genuine alternative to the NBN. Of course, this largely depends on your proximity to the ISP's nearest mobile tower. But by and large, speeds are definitely improving.

In terms of customer service, reliability and overall bang-for-buck, it's hard to look past Optus' mobile broadband offerings which start at $60 a month. The plans also come bundled with a free $192 4G Plus WiFi Modem when you sign up to a 24-month contract. Here are the available options:

Just be aware that excess data is charged at $10 for every ten gigabytes you go over. So you'll definitely want to use an internet usage monitor with these plans. You can find a couple of good free options here.


    After using Telstra's mobile 50G plan for 12 months I have nil interest in wired broadband.

    Never a line drop out, pull in 14 gig file in 16 minutes, and a Netflix speed test of 115mbps ( higher than the NBN).

      Those are some good speeds! How much does that plan set you back each month?

      I’m so happy you have a positive experience! Mobile broadband is still a very expensive option vs wired ‘unlimited’ download option. Also the experience can vary allot depending on tower congestion. But it’s still great to hear an Aussie actually has a good internet story to tell :)

    I too can attest to the wonder that is the Optus 500Gb plan. Almost never a drop out. Enough speed for two Netflix streams.

    I'm very happy, except because of what I do I need more than 500Gb of data sometimes. D/L'ing ISOs of operating systems or system updates on a new PC chews up the data.

    yes it might be affordable, but congestion in my area is horrendous at peak times.
    early morning i can pull 100Mbps no problem, weekday peak maybe 10Mbps if im lucky, Sunday night, forget it, 100Kbps

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