Vodafone Network Upgrade: Here Are All The Plans!

Vodafone Network Upgrade: Here Are All The Plans!
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Vodafone just boosted its 4G mobile network in NSW by converting the 2100MHz spectrum (which currently used by 3G devices) for use in the 4G network. The upshot of this is that more than two million additional Aussies now have access to Vodafone’s mobile network. If you’ve been stuck in a Telstra-only land, now is a good time to make the switch. Here’s how much money you can save.

Vodafone’s 4G network upgrade is designed to expand the telco’s 4G footprint while also giving a capacity boost to existing customers. The switch was driven by demand, with more than 90 percent of Vodafone mobile customers now using the 4G network.

On the downside, any devices that are only compatible with the 3G 2100MHz spectrum will no longer work due to the conversion to 4G. This should only affect a tiny handful of older and/or cheap products such as the Nokia 3310.

“More of our customers can now use their data to stream their favourite content or use social media, while still keeping our 3G network strong,” Vodafone said in a statement. “Once the work is complete in each state, we will be delivering even better service to more than 90 per cent of Vodafone’s mobile subscribers across Australian metro areas.”

The network upgrade will begin to roll out in New South Wales on 18 March, 2019. Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia are set to follow later in the year. (Work has already commenced in the ACT.)

Here’s how come of the more affordable options compare to Vodafone’s rivals. (Click on the ‘Go’ button to learn more about each plan.)

And here’s every Vodafone plan that’s currently on the market:

The reallocated of the 2100Mhz spectrum is another nail in 3G’s coffin, with Telstra also set to shut down its 3G network by 2020.


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